vineyard kids

At Vineyard Kids we want to partner with families from the very beginning to help each kid know that they are loved by God and a crucial part of God’s exciting kingdom! We do this through meaningful relationships, engaging lessons, and hands-on activities. 

Each week, kids are invited to sing, play, and learn about God’s amazing plan of redemption. Our classrooms and lessons grow with your child so that by the time they are ready to go into middle school, high school, and adulthood, they are ready to seek God in their daily lives.

Just like Jesus wanted the children to be able to come to him, we too want to invite kids into a relationship with Jesus that will last their entire lives!

What should i expect?

Classrooms open up 10 minutes before the service starts at 9:50. The only exception is fifth Sundays, when Vineyard Kids begins after worship. We are so excited to get to know your kids and walk alongside your family as you learn and grow! Our classes consist of:

Nursery:               3 months - 23 months

Toddlers:              2 - 3 years

Preschool & K:     4 years - kindergarten

Elementary:         1st - 5th grades

Email Rachel Blanke, Children's Pastor, to find out more!