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International Partnerships

We sent out our Associate Pastor and his wife, Weldon and Angelina Edwards, in January 2019 to Cuenca, Ecuador, to plant a Vineyard church that carried much of the same vision and DNA that we have here at Trinity in Cypress. At the time, it was hard to let go and send them out, but what God has done because of their Yes has been amazing.

Weldon reached out in May 2023 with a partnership proposal that is going to give us the opportunity to live into our mission of Engaging, Transforming and Serving the FAR! 

Many times missions outreaches are one of two things:

  1. Give money, and we are happy to give, but we don’t really see what happens. 

  2. It’s an in-and-out trip where again, we don’t always see what happens.

This partnership is going to be different. We will be working with the Cuenca Vineyard and Compassion International to focus on a specific community long-term and develop authentic relationships with the children and their families as we minister to and support them. This partnership will include trips to meet our sponsored children and opportunities to serve their community. 

Our first trip is November 16-22, 2023. Our goal is to raise $7500, or enough to build and outfit 100 beds. We will also be teaching the women how to bake cookies North American-style so they can sell them and support their families.

Click on the button below if you would like to give toward purchasing beds or to help support those who are going. You can also scroll down to read the latest updates.

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cuenca partnership updates

SEPTEMBER 12 - We had our first Compassion Sunday this week! Sixteen children from Canar got sponsored! Since we are within the window of being able to sponsor a child and receive one for free (this means they are covered financially, but have been waiting to have a sponsor to write to them), that means 32 children will now be officially sponsored! That's a good number of the 84 children in that area who have been waiting! If you sponsored a child on Sunday, you will receive information about your "free" child in 3-4 weeks. We will have the table open again this Sunday, September 17. Our Cookie Tasting & Bake sale will take place in conjunction with our annual Chili Cook-off on October 29. More details coming soon!

SEPTEMBER 1 - Only 8 beds remain! We are looking forward to our first Compassion Sunday on September 10. Child sponsorship is one way we are engaging with this area of Ecuador where some of the poorest live. This is the day you can choose a child to sponsor from Canar, Ecuador, with Compassion International! We will have a table in the auditorium with packets for 35 kids. We will have a date for our Cookie Tasting & Bake Sale soon!

AUGUST 19 - 81 out of 100 beds have been paid for in just three weeks! We will be having a Compassion Sunday on September 10 for those who would like to sponsor a child from Canar through Compassion International. 

JULY 30 - We announced our new partnership with Cuenca Vineyard and Compassion International. You can view the announcement on Youtube starting at 32:54.